review UK airport car park - Feedback guidelines for when you write a review of a UK airport car park.


Feedback Guidelines - tips on how to review an airport car park

Thank you for taking to time to read these guidelines. We love airport parking reviews and so do out visitors. Other peoples honest feedback has persuaded us to book a car park we've never heard of, or not.

In order to ensure that we display your review, and the people who read it get the maximum benefit from it, we have given you a few pointers below.

what are we looking for in a review (or what makes a great review)?

If you only want to complete section 4 (the 'votes' bit), that's fine. If you want to write a review as well, that's even better. How much you complete is up to you, but if you don't include your e-mail address / name, we can't post the review if it contains anything contentious.

You review should be in English, should not include words all in capital letters, swear words, racist / sexist (or any -ist) comments, references to other reviews we have listed or any form of advertising (including a shameless plug for your own car park / website, telephone numbers, addresses, HTML or URL's).

Try to avoid one word reviews (such as bad, or words to that effect) or statements without reasons (instead of 'the best gatwick airport car park', post 'close to the airport, the staff couldn't be more helpful, the car is always there ready and waiting when we get back, excellent value for money).

Try not let one thing influence your whole review . For example, if the staff were rude, but the car park is in a great location and offers great value for money, please try to reflect this in your votes and you feedback.

We like hearing about the good and bad of any airport car park. Maybe the car park was expensive, but it was close to the airport and you were in your car within 5 minutes of leaving the terminal.

Don't worry about spelling, grammar or paragraphing (it's hard to do in the box we have provided). We will sort this out when we post the review.

All reviews are checked by a human editor before we put them up on this website. We reserve the right to edit the text (not the votes) or to reject the review completely. This may take up to 7 days.

Once we've read your review and checked it, as long as it's does not break one of our guidelines (above), we'll put it up, linked from the relevant airport car parking page on this website.

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