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June 2012

30.06.12 Rival yet to take up slots for Scotland - Heathrow flights
30.06.12 No.1 Traveller to open new lounge at Birmingham Airport
29.06.12 It's cheaper to park a light aircraft at the airport than a car !
29.06.12 Glasgow Airport to take taxi contract ‘in house’
28.06.12 Boris Island 'a distraction' says Walsh
28.06.12 BA Heathrow flights ‘open Yorkshire’s economy to rest of the world’
27.06.12 Zac Goldsmith: Airport expansion 'the last resort'
27.06.12 BAA earnings take a hit as airlines go quiet and green
26.06.12 Rivals’ report says state support saves Ryanair from loss
26.06.12 Greening looks beyond 'quick fix' for airport capacity
25.06.12 Mixed mode could add 60,000 flights and 20 million passengers a year at Heathrow
25.06.12 Li Ka-Shing one of last two remaining bidders for Manchester Airports Group stake
24.06.12 Guardian: We need a clear yes or no on Heathrow. Airlines can't wait for ever
24.06.12 Heathrow strikes could affect holiday passengers warns union
23.06.12 Leeds Bradford Airport expansion plans delayed over parking safety fears
23.06.12 Drivers facing two months of delays as road near Aberdeen Airport to shut
22.06.12 ETS puts ‘thousands of jobs in jeopardy’ – IAG chairman
22.06.12 Irish Government "open mind" on new Ryanair bid for Aer Lingus
21.06.12 Ryanair bid 'undervalues' us, says Aer Lingus
21.06.12 SSE: 'We'll fight Boris over call for new Stansted runway'
20.06.12 Belfast Airports “need better parking and shopping”
20.06.12 Ryanair makes another takeover bid for Aer Lingus
19.06.12 Boris Johnson "has given his support to plans to build a second runway at Stansted"
19.06.12 Vince Cable backs Birmingham Airport expansion
18.06.12 Investigation launched in to Jersey Airport plane crash
18.06.12 Glasgow Airport criticised for selling Duchess’s lost diamonds
17.06.12 Leeds Bradford Airport parking row rumbles on
17.06.12 Airline industry "faces grim year as gulf carriers take over the world"
16.06.12 Probe ordered into Ryanair's stake in Aer Lingus
16.06.12 Senior politicians add fuel to anti-Thames Estuary airport fight
15.06.12 BMI cuts Diamond Club hotels, car hire and airport parking benefits
15.06.12 Belfast City Airport dismisses pilot union comments as 'utter rubbish'
14.06.12 Pilots union boss says Northern Ireland 'does not need two airports'
14.06.12 PMQs: Goldsmith and Cameron on Heathrow third runway
13.06.12 Air chiefs united in call for action on airports
13.06.12 Passenger numbers at Gatwick Airport grow by 2%
12.06.12 More European airlines likely to go bust this year, industry body predicts
12.06.12 Evening Standard says Stansted should become London’s global magnet
11.06.12 BBC debate: Heathrow Airport expansion vs Boris Island estuary plan
11.06.12 bmibaby to end all Belfast flights today
10.06.12 Sky-high fuel costs and weak demand add to Flybe woes
10.06.12 Police Gatwick blitz on Euro 2012 football yobs
09.06.12 Ryanair’s cheap flights “not worth your sanity”
09.06.12 No-go to plans for Leeds Bradford Airport taxi rank
08.06.12 Ryanair May passengers up 5%; load factor down 1%
08.06.12 BA enjoys passenger traffic lift, but Eurozone worries weigh
07.06.12 US calls for end of EU airline carbon tax
07.06.12 Liverpool Airport targets charter market to halt falling passenger numbers
06.06.12 Consultation on Thames Estuary airport to start next month
06.06.12 Flybe and NATS collaborate on new safety initiative
05.06.12 Bristol Airport car park plans spark safety concerns
05.06.12 UK politicians demand tougher EASA rules on flight duty limits
04.06.12 Gatwick Airport reveals pensioner travel trends
04.06.12 Lufthansa wants to sell Sky Chefs
03.06.12 Police censured over ethnic checks in Glasgow Airport
03.06.12 BAA threatens to sue the Government over third runway at Heathrow
02.06.12 Latest Stansted Airport baggage handler strike begins
02.06.12 Heathrow Olympics terminal ready (video)
01.06.12 Aviation experts rubbish Thames estuary replacement for Heathrow
01.06.12 Stansted baggage handlers to strike again over Jubilee weekend

May 2012

31.05.12 Lufthansa and Air France search for low-cost short haul flights cure
31.05.12 IATA says air passengers continue to rise as airlines struggle to make money
30.05.12 Couple fined over illegal Stansted Airport car park
30.05.12 Tory MPs: Build third Heathrow runway for jobs and trade
29.05.12 Boris calls for 'stop-gap' expansion at Stansted or Gatwick
29.05.12 BAA wins permission to appeal ruling on Stansted sale
28.05.12 BAA returns to court today to fight over Stansted
28.05.12 Branson says Virgin 'will give BA a run for its money'
27.05.12 Belfast City Airport jets were so noisy we couldn’t hear our teachers
27.05.12 Stansted says it is business as usual despite strike
26.05.12 Edenbridge councillors blast Gatwick second runway proposal
26.05.12 Virgin Atlantic to break into short-haul market, says Branson
25.05.12 Walsh: IAG’s interest in buying Portugal’s TAP 'has waned'
25.05.12 Luton and Newcastle Airport chiefs frustrated by lack of UK hub policy
24.05.12 Facebook campaign launched against Bristol airport car park plans
24.05.12 Thomas Cook appoints industry outsider as new chief exec
23.05.12 New Bristol Airport car park opposed
23.05.12 Korean Air partners with No.1 Traveller for Gatwick lounge
22.05.12 Stansted Airport workers vote to strike over Jubilee bank holiday
22.05.12 Ministers have 'mental shutters down' on Heathrow
21.05.12 Ryanair announce second dividend
21.05.12 Heathrow hits back at government in blame game over queues
20.05.12 Heathrow plans to store summer’s heat to thaw frozen winter runways
20.05.12 On board Boeing's new 787 Dreamliner
19.05.12 Ryanair told to fill 'unpaid-for' seats at emergency exits
19.05.12 Bristol Airport under pressure to refinance debt
18.05.12 You’ll get a shock if you revive Heathrow third runway, Boris warns PM
18.05.12 Ryanair cancels Greek island flights citing ‘failure to honour agreement’
17.05.12 Roadworks near Birmingham Airport from next Monday for 7 weeks
17.05.12 Five-car crash caused rush hour delays for motorists on M8 near Glasgow Airport
16.05.12 Passport queues blamed on ‘wrong type of wind’ and lack of staff
16.05.12 Manchester Airport “the next prize” for middle east investors
15.05.12 Abu Dhabi sets sights on UK airports
15.05.12 Damian Green grilled by MPs over Heathrow
14.05.12 Thomas Cook issue stark warning to shareholders
14.05.12 Flybe 'interesting in buying Cimber'

13.05.12 PIA threatened with Heathrow block unless flight punctuality improves
13.05.12 First plane to land at Manchester Airport makes 75th anniversary flight
12.05.12 New airlines for Belfast City Airport to replace lost bmibaby routes
12.05.12 MPs to probe immigration delays
11.05.12 BAA April passenger figures
11.05.12 Heathrow growth is finished, insists minister
10.05.12 Passengers up 3.2% at Manchester Airport
10.05.12 Heathrow queues caused by 'Poor Planning'
09.05.12 Heathrow chaos: Travellers spend more time in line than in the air
09.05.12 Armed air marshals on UK planes
08.05.12 Pregnant British woman faces death penalty for drug smuggling on Birmingham flight
08.05.12 Heathrow CIO: New IT strategy to improve passenger experience
07.05.12 No Border Control: UK Border chief warns of summer chaos at airports
07.05.12 Union tells members not to volunteer to solve immigration crisis
06.05.12 Theresa May ordered to cut airport queues
06.05.12 Guernsey Airport gears up for another closure
05.05.12 Prestwick Airport sees big drop in passenger numbers
05.05.12 Video: easyJet's McCall on allocated seating trial
04.05.12 Thousands have holiday plans wrecked by bmibaby shut down
04.05.12 Heathrow queues: 'A system simply not working'
03.05.12 Gatwick aims to rival Heathrow after signing Air China deal
03.05.12 Conde Nast review BA and Virgin airport lounges
02.05.12 Passengers to pay for passport checks under Government plan to end chaos
02.05.12 Award for Leeds Bradford Airport lounge
01.05.12 Fire near Luton Airport causing traffic problems
01.05.12 Hong Kong Airlines signs Gatwick lounge deal

April 2012

30.04.12 Luton Airport operator says response to expansion plans 'generally positive'
30.04.12 Redesign for
29.04.12 Manchester Airport to raise £1bn selling shares to fund Stansted bid
29.04.12 BAA complete 'team Heathrow' Olympic volunteers recruitment
28.04.12 More long queues at Heathrow passport control
28.04.12 Gatwick recognised by Twitter
27.04.12 Willie Walsh says Belfast - Heathrow flights safe
27.04.12 BA to resume Libya flights next week
26.04.12 Which Travel guide to getting the best deal on your airport parking
26.04.12 IAG will not become involved in American takeover battle
25.04.12 Gatwick committee to discuss noise concerns
25.04.12 BAA EBITDA up, but so are its losses
24.04.12 Boeing Dreamliner makes flying visit to UK
24.04.12 Two drug smugglers on same Stansted flight jailed
23.04.12 Gatwick better under new owners says former BAA boss
23.04.12 BA pilots agree to £10m annual savings to secure BMI merger
22.04.12 Stansted survey shows men get last space in holiday packing
22.04.12 BMI Regional sale expected this month
21.04.12 easyJet to launch first budget London - Luxembourg flights
21.04.12 Flybe axe Derry - Manchester flights
20.04.12 Dubai to overtake Heathrow as world's biggest international airport
20.04.12 Gatwick Airport drug smuggler jailed
19.04.12 Robin Hood motorway link scheme receives £2m boost
19.04.12 Second daily Heathrow - Atlanta flight launched by Delta
18.04.12 New Glasgow meet and greet parking was sold out over Easter
18.04.12 Olympic logos to be unveiled at Birmingham Airport
17.04.12 Bristol Airport parking plan for equestrian centre
17.04.12 Ryanair warn of Spanish flight cost increase
16.04.12 Stansted boss wants quicker London links
16.04.12 Air Nigeria plan return of Lagos flights
15.04.12 Belfast Airport car parking amongst the UK's most expensive
15.04.12 Big Gatwick cocaine find
14.04.12 Virgin's new upper class 'dream suite' to take off next week
14.04.12 Hot air balloon disrupts Gatwick flights
13.04.12 Flybe criticised over pilot's actions after false smoke alarm
13.04.12 BA's BMI takeover secures 1100 Heathrow jobs
12.04.12 Glasgow passengers up 4.6%
12.04.12 Money spent on IRIS would have been better used for more border staff
11.04.12 SIA to launch third daily Heathrow A380 flight
11.04.12 Bid deadline for Edinburgh Airport extended
10.04.12 Pilots strike hits Iberia flights
10.04.12 Parish council objects to Luton Airport expansion plan
09.04.12 Virgin want BMI Heathrow slots
09.04.12 Jobs fair at Stansted this Thursday
08.04.12 Manchester Airport car park upgrade contract awarded
08.04.12 Stansted could double passenger numbers
07.04.12 Passports not checked at Manchester Airport
07.04.12 Heathrow sniffer dogs used to check Kent Airport cargo air samples
06.04.12 NATS stake sale attracts interest
06.04.12 Busiest Easter for 3 years at Newcastle Airport
05.04.12 BA upgrade Newark lounge and planes
05.04.12 Flights hit by French strike
04.04.12 Gatwick crash causes serious injury; traffic chaos
04.04.12 easyJet receives flying visit from William and Kate
03.04.12 New Gatwick Meet and Greet Parking company launched by pioneer
03.04.12 BA expects Easter flights peak on Thursday
02.04.12 Heathrow installs giant globes - because kids can't find UK on map !
02.04.12 New Turkey flights from Stansted
01.04.12 Woman died after fall from Manchester Airport car park
01.04.12 Airlines urge independent review of APD

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