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March 2012

31.03.12 HS2 link to Heathrow moves a step closer
31.03.12 BA Gatwick - Nice flights take off
30.03.12 Birmingham Airport passport delays caused by electrical fault
30.03.12 IAG looks at buying stake in JAL
29.03.12 Jet2 first year at Glasgow Airport 'a great success'
29.03.12 Heathrow flights more punctual
28.03.12 Edinburgh Airport passport queues to be cut by new border gates
28.03.12 Luton - Reykjavik flights take off
27.03.12 Council slams Luton Airport expansion plans
27.03.12 Heathrow launch Easter family and shopping ads
26.03.12 easyJet growth to be faster than European market
26.03.12 IAG could buy stake in American Airlines
25.03.12 Ryanair boss calls for new Stansted runway
25.03.12 East African expansion for BA
24.03.12 Ryanair to launch summer Montenegro flights
24.03.12 Flybe flights and hub take off at Manchester Airport
23.03.12 New Edinburgh - Istanbul flights announced
23.03.12 BA in-flight food experience and gallery sold out
22.03.12 New Robin Hood Airport car park offer online access to security cameras
22.03.12 Expanded summer flights schedule for BA
21.03.12 BA launch Olympics menu
21.03.12 Irish aviation authority question Ryanair exit seat charge
20.03.12 Three Virgin airlines link frequent flier programs
20.03.12 Minister wants Heathrow border queues speeded up
19.03.12 Airlines and unions make final push on APD rise
19.03.12 Amex open currency desks at Heathrow T5
18.03.12 Arik Air suspend Heathrow - Abuja flights over slots row
18.03.12 Cardiff - New York flights would be worth £200m
17.03.12 Temporary terminal built on Heathrow car park
17.03.12 New Icelandair flights for Gatwick
16.03.12 BA use Google+ as part of advertising mix
16.03.12 Two arrested over Gatwick cocaine find
15.03.12 Kingfisher plane impounded at Heathrow Airport
15.03.12 Air Malta confirm summer Birmingham charter flights
14.03.12 Disabled drivers receive free Edinburgh Airport parking boost
14.03.12 BA suspend Kingfisher codeshare
13.03.12 Passengers up at Scottish airports
13.03.12 Ryanair slam 'Eurocrat' budget flights ban
12.03.12 British parking award for Heathrow transport pod
12.03.12 Thomson Manchester flight problem
11.03.12 APH launch Birmingham Airport meet and greet parking
11.03.12 New multi-platform mobile website launched by Manchester Airport
10.03.12 £16m upgrade for Heathrow Express
10.03.12 O'Leary calls airports 'unnecessary shopping centres'
09.03.12 Heathrow enjoy retail sales boom
09.03.12 Flybe to create hub at Manchester Airport; add flights
08.03.12 Cab drivers threaten to blockade Gatwick
07.03.12 BMI run two social media campaigns
07.03.12 Four arrested after raid at illegal Gatwick Airport parking operation
07.03.12 IAG passenger traffic up 3.7 percent; passengers down 1.4 percent
06.03.12 Iberia face 24 strikes over next 3 months
06.03.12 Stansted - Reykjavik flights to take off again
05.03.12 Belfast Airport complains about off airport parking
05.03.12 New pop up shop for Ted Baker at Heathrow T5
04.03.12 £4m Heathrow duty free upgrade completed
04.03.12 Michelin star chef prepares menu for all business Gatwick - Hong Kong flights
03.03.12 Southampton Airport locals offer 'car parking' on drives
03.03.12 Youth worker Heathrow drug smuggler jailed
02.03.12 BA to use A380s on New York and Far East flights
02.03.12 Innovation award for bmibaby
01.03.12 LOT Heathrow flight grounded - both pilots too old !
01.03.12 Ryanair sue oil company over jet fuel price fixing

February 2012

29.02.12 Ceremony marks new Heathrow terminal reaching full height
29.02.12 Ryanair to close Bremen base during runway resurfacing
28.02.12 Southend Airport parking application 'premature'
28.02.12 East Midlands Airport welcomes Ordnance Survey planes
27.02.12 Pilots strike to hit Iberia flights on Wednesday
27.02.12 Gatwick solar plant launched
26.02.12 Strike hits Heathrow Express services
26.02.12 Computer problem causes delays at Edinburgh Airport
25.02.12 Last Delta route leaves Gatwick for new home at Heathrow
25.02.12 Free Cardiff Airport train shuttle under threat again
24.02.12 Pilot's union fears over tired pilots falling asleep in cockpit
24.02.12 Virgin to boost Heathrow - Accra flights
23.02.12 Gatwick car park worker sets world record
23.02.12 Over 20% of Heathrow flights delayed
22.02.12 Luton Airport set new public access targets
22.02.12 Four on Edinburgh Airport purchase short list
21.02.12 Heathrow car park murder case re-examined after 22 years
21.02.12 BA prepare to re-launch Gatwick - Paphos route
20.02.12 Luton upgrade online airport parking pre-book process
20.02.12 PM advisor says 'fly Virgin not fat cat BA'
19.02.12 Heathrow Express strike dates announced
19.02.12 Passenger record at Manchester Airport for Lufthansa
18.02.12 Contract appointed for first stage of Bristol Airport expansion
18.02.12 BA steward charged after bomb threat on flight
17.02.12 American boost Heathrow - Dallas flights17.02.12 Gatwick passenger arrested over non payment of fine
16.02.12 Two 'sexist' Ryanair ads banned
16.02.12 Virgin Atlantic recruit 500 new cabin crew
15.02.12 Jamie Oliver announces Gatwick bar and restaurant
15.02.12 Lufthansa enjoys record UK passengers
14.02.12 New Glasgow Airport meet and greet parking
14.02.12 Edinburgh and Glasgow suffer passenger falls
13.02.12 Heathrow falling behind rivals on China flights
13.02.12 Etihad announce $3 ETS levy
12.02.12 ABTA flights plus licence deal
12.02.12 easyJet to operate year round Luton - Reykjavik flights
11.02.12 Car fire causes traffic problems near Aberdeen Airport
11.02.12 Founder of Prestwick Airport owner has died
10.02.12 Monarch announce year round Italy flights
10.02.12 New train operator takes over at Stansted Express
09.02.12 EU could exclude foreign airlines from ETS
09.02.12 Gatwick announce recruitment of two new senior managers
08.02.12 Air Canada to boost Heathrow - Toronto flights
08.02.12 Delay for Luton Airport expansion consultation
07.02.12 New app allows passengers to book Edinburgh Airport parking on the go
07.02.12 Chinese airlines banned from joining EU ETS
06.02.12 Air stewardess jailed for drug smuggling
06.02.12 Fire crews rush to plane emergency at Stansted Airport
05.02.12 Airports pledge to reduce emissions
05.02.12 First plane delivered for all business Gatwick - Hong Kong flights
04.02.12 Public meetings on Robin Hood Airport road
04.02.12 Ryanair announce new Budapest flights after Malev failure
03.02.12 Heathrow talk to retailers about new terminal
03.02.12 Adria announce Lubljana flights
02.02.12 Mike Tyson clashed with worker at Heathrow over photo
02.02.12 New night flight policy for Birmingham Airport
01.02.12 easyJet fined in Paris court over card fees and unfair terms
01.02.12 BA to switch flights to new Berlin airport

January 2012

31.01.12 Gatwick parking just £1 a day - when booked with a hotel
31.01.12 Qatar to operate first Dreamliner from Heathrow
30.01.12 Qatar to cut Manchester Airport flights
30.01.12 Ryanair plans dividends and share buybacks
29.01.12 Anger over Manchester Airport car parking price rise
29.01.12 Edinburgh Airport buyers would launch major upgrade
28.01.12 Manchester win best UK airport award
28.01.12 Heathrow Express gets new boss
27.01.12 Charities boost from Edinburgh Airport drop off parking fee
27.01.12 Passengers rate Heathrow Express highly
26.01.12 Three new Bristol routes for Ryanair
26.01.12 Air New Zealand black plane lands at Heathrow
25.01.12 Qatar open new luxury Heathrow Airport lounge
25.01.12 £45m upgrades planned for Aberdeen Airport
24.01.12 BA to relaunch Libya flights in May
24.01.12 Sheriffs visit Robin Hood to boost fundraising
23.01.12 'Plastic explosive' marzipan sweets confiscated at Luton Airport
23.01.12 Study says BA is most improved brand
22.01.12 Video car to target fly parking at East Midlands Airport
22.01.12 Car pollution fears over Gatwick expansion
21.01.12 Gatwick parking deal
21.01.12 Walsh has Boris Island doubts
20.01.12 Gatwick 'ready for Olympics'
20.01.12 Strike vote for Heathrow Express staff
19.01.12 Thames airport 'could be built in six years'
19.01.12 Southampton Airport seeks owner of lost Euros
18.01.12 easyJet to move bigger plane to Newcastle Airport
18.01.12 Southampton cigarette smugglers jailed
17.01.12 HS2 to cut Heathrow domestic flights by 20%
17.01.12 Jat announce summer Gatwick - Belgrade flights
16.01.12 Aberdeen Airport parking deal
16.01.12 Police operation cuts Heathrow crime
15.01.12 Cheetah problems at Heathrow Airport
15.01.12 Smokers plan at Aberdeen Airport
14.01.12 Edinburgh sales prospectus released; bids next month
14.01.12 China Airlines axe Heathrow - Taipei flights
13.01.12 New Stansted Airport parking deal
13.01.12 Gatwick Express for less
12.01.12 Name changes for Purple's Heathrow car parks
12.01.12 Loganair boost Aberdeen - Shetland flights for 2 months
11.01.12 CAA wants more airport capacity in South East
11.01.12 bmibaby extend East Midlands - Prague flights
10.01.12 Olympic rings to land at Birmingham Airport
10.01.12 Ryanair passengers up 5 percent in 2011
09.01.12 SNP to seek assurances over BMI takeover by IAG
09.01.12 Ryanair flight diverted over medical emergency
08.01.12 £13 minimum charge for Gatwick parking overstays
08.01.12 Drunk air passenger ordered to do community service
07.01.12 New Edinburgh - Poitiers flights for Ryanair
07.01.12 Gatwick - Guernsey flights cut
06.01.12 Passengers down 5% at Ryanair
06.01.12 Passenger traffic up 10.6% at BA in 2010
05.01.12 Plane hit by bus shelter at Edinburgh Airport
05.01.12 Iberia cancel Heathrow flights over pilots strike
04.01.12 Air fares increased by Lufthansa to cover ETS costs
04.01.12 easyJet boss says tax rises will increase air fares
03.01.12 Olympic VIP's to get Heathrow fast lane; other passengers to wait longer
03.01.12 No more Gatwick flights for Air Zimbabwe
02.01.12 BA expects busy 'cyber Tuesday'
02.01.12 More ski flights this year for easyJet
01.01.12 Children's hospice gets Stansted staff Christmas card money
01.01.12 New ticket and information app for Heathrow Express

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