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September 2012

30.09.12 Final talks held over Robin Hood Airport link road plans
30.09.12 Siemens “has banned staff from flying Ryanair”
29.09.12 Cambridge Airport to test new 'wind turbine radar system'
29.09.12 Concerns raised over BAA's Heathrow complaints log
28.09.12 Motorists warned of delays because of roadworks on M9 near Edinburgh Airport
28.09.12 New €12 million hotel to open at Southend Airport
27.09.12 Purple Parking reports 43% rise in Heathrow Meet and Greet bookings
27.09.12 New Leeds Bradford Airport car park opened
27.09.12 New Heathrow Meet and Greet Parking operator
26.09.12 Manchester Airport targets wider catchment area
26.09.12 US airlines think EU Emissions Bill will force talks
25.09.12 Transport Minister urges no expansion at Gatwick; likes 'Heathwick' plan
25.09.12 US Senate passes anti-ETS bill
24.09.12 Local MP wants Government review of Luton Airport expansion proposals
24.09.12 Airlines consider selling stake in air traffic control company NATS
23.09.12 American Airlines "sorry" for recent flight problems
23.09.12 Cabin crew ’issue’ grounds Cardiff holiday flight
22.09.12 Passenger tells BBC: Birmingham Airport skid plane 'oldest I've flown on'
22.09.12 Ryanair among bidders for Stansted Airport
21.09.12 Tory MP Zac Goldsmith calls for referendum over Heathrow expansion
21.09.12 Protest meetings to be held in Hertfordshire against Luton Airport expansion
20.09.12 Heathrow expansion referendum call by Richmond Council
20.09.12 Virgin asks EU Court to overturn IAG-BMI merger approval
19.09.12 BMI Regional announces new routes and launches website
19.09.12 Council leader says ‘Boris island’ better than third runway
18.09.12 Thieves target 86 cars parked at Birmingham Airport parking company
18.09.12 BA says it won't axe the kangaroo route
17.09.12 Manchester Airport to test new generation of privacy friendly security scanners
17.09.12 India clears way to BA buying a stake in a local carrier
16.09.12 New transport minister confirms no Heathrow expansion in current parliament
16.09.12 A year in the life of Manchester Airport
15.09.12 Airport parking company criticised on Radio 4 over Gatwick Meet and Greet
15.09.12 Residents vow to fight Manchester Airport expansion
14.09.12 CEO Steve Ridgway talks to CNN about his Virgin Atlantic departure
14.09.12 Tail of Austrian Airlines jet struck runway while landing at Manchester Airport
13.09.12 Blackpool Airport car park homes plan opposition
13.09.12 IATA: Global economic slowdown puts crunch on airlines
12.09.12 Australian investor to fund MAG's Stansted bid
12.09.12 Chancellor questioned over third Heathrow runway
11.09.12 Discrepancies in Belfast City Airport car park cancellation process
11.09.12 73 year old Bristol Airport cocaine smuggler jailed for 8 years
10.09.12 Manchester Airport passengers up 1.76%
10.09.12 Watchdog could foil Ryanair plan for Stansted stake
09.09.12 BBC ‘Your Money’ looks at easyJet plans to allocate seats
09.09.12 Airline industry 'backs Heathrow runway'
08.09.12 Parking ban around Robin Hood Airport
08.09.12 Jet2 plane bound for Edinburgh makes emergency landing in Portugal
07.09.12 Exasperated homeowners living near Stansted cover holidaymakers' cars with signs
07.09.12 Demand rising for direct Manchester - China flights
06.09.12 Luton Airport expansion consultation gets underway
06.09.12 Reshuffle 'strengthens case against estuary airport'
05.09.12 Shapps: 'All options' will be examined on airports
05.09.12 PMQs: Cameron on Heathrow third runway manifesto pledge
04.09.12 Heathrow consultation to be held
04.09.12 Tories turn on each other after Chancellor refuses to rule out new Heathrow runway
03.09.12 Clegg plan would 'strangle' Heathrow, says BAA
03.09.12 George Osborne seeks consensus on airport expansion
02.09.12 Four-runway ‘London west’ airport plan near Oxford
02.09.12 US Airways and American edge towards possible merger
01.09.12 Virgin Atlantic to give frequent flier a free trip to space
01.09.12 Manchester airport scanners to crack down on £3.5m parking scam

August 2012

31.08.12 Ministers must drop 'scandalous opposition to Heathrow runway' says BCC head
31.08.12 Wyre Forest MP calls for Birmingham Airport to become a 'hub'
30.08.12 Parking at Gatwick's North Terminal costs double the price of a space at the South Terminal
30.08.12 United flights grounded by systems black-out
29.08.12 Heathrow runway / Thames Airport row blows up again
29.08.12 No 10 policy on Heathrow runway unchanged
28.08.12 Heathrow row: George Osborne 'We do need airport capacity'
28.08.12 Heathrow expansion: “Cameron must decide whether he is man or mouse”
27.08.12 Darling: Heathrow third runway 'important globally'
27.08.12 Arrest after M23 crash near Gatwick Airport injures four
26.08.12 Another Tory minister demands u-turn on Heathrow
26.08.12 Baroness Valentine: Without a third runway at Heathrow, we’ll be grounded

25.08.12 Cameron urged by airlines to back more Heathrow runways
25.08.12 Manchester Airport Group boosts UK market share
24.08.12 Stansted Airport “hardly an easy sale”
24.08.12 East Midlands Airport profits down for fourth year
23.08.12 Bournemouth and East Midlands Airports achieve carbon neutral status
23.08.12 Thames Estuary 'three times more foggy' than Heathrow
22.08.12 Liverpool Airport creates dedicated parking brand and website
22.08.12 Monarch passengers back in Birmingham after 50 hour delay
21.08.12 MAG leads early Stansted airport bid battle
21.08.12 Virgin Atlantic to fly between Heathrow and Manchester
20.08.12 Ryanair offers Heathrow slots to win support for Aer Lingus bid; in talks with Virgin
20.08.12 Robin Hood Airport losses down, but so are passengers
19.08.12 Luton airport agreement sets scene for development
19.08.12 Gibraltar air link will be business boost for Birmingham Airport
18.08.12 Bristol Airport enjoys record July
18.08.12 Lib Dems to champion new airport in the South East
16.08.12 Spain to investigate Ryanair emergency landings
16.08.12 Ryanair’s O’Leary defends airline over emergency landings; denies fuel league table
15.08.12 Boris calls Cameron ‘totally mad’ over airports consultation delay
15.08.12 Guernsey Airport project 'back on track'
14.08.12 BAA Airports suffer from Olympic effect
14.08.12 Small drop in Gatwick passengers
13.08.12 Luton Airport owner and operator to submit expansion plans
13.08.12 Metrolink extension to Manchester Airport takes shape
12.08.12 easyJet investors may block effort to oust Chairman
12.08.12 easyJet takes on BA and Virgin for right to operate Moscow flights
11.08.12 Getaway Monday: Heathrow gears up for the mass exodus as 116,000 people
11.08.12 Record July for BAA after nine million flood in for Games
10.08.12 Plane overshoots runway at Durham Tees Valley Airport
10.08.12 Rolls-Royce to relocate operations
09.08.12 APD campaign nears goal of 100,000 supporters
09.08.12 Dad fuming as son's tennis rackets seized and destroyed at Leeds Bradford Airport
08.08.12 Edinburgh Airport red-faced over Picasso nude
08.08.12 Large fire near Coventry Airport
07.08.12 easyJet to switch to allocated seating?
07.08.12 Ryanair to open new Lebanese route?
06.08.12 Bristol Airport wins parking award
06.08.12 Gatwick rail services 'failing passengers'
05.08.12 IAG looks at stake in American Airlines
05.08.12 Ryanair "won't work" in Middle East says Jazeera Airways boss
04.08.12 Manchester Airport secures £1bn boost to buy Stansted
04.08.12 Former Tory transport ministers attack Coalition over Heathrow and HS2
03.08.12 Ryanair passenger up 8% in July
03.08.12 Australian group eyes Stansted Airport
02.08.12 Thames Estuary airport row at Kent County Council
02.08.12 Staffing levels unchanged after Humberside Airport sale
01.08.12 Planes to pay locals for noise if Heathrow expands
01.08.12 Stansted welcomes first China Southern Airlines flight

July 2012

31.07.12 Hutchison Whampoa confirm plans to buy in to MAG
31.07.12 Investors to wait 10 years for airport values to return to pre-crisis levels
30.07.12 British airports under threat from rise of Gulf hubs, says Etihad boss
30.07.12 Ryanair plans to increase width of plane doors to speed up boarding
29.07.12 Etihad president James Hogan asks UK ministers for clarity over airport plans
29.07.12 Three hurt in crash near Edinburgh Airport
28.07.12 Technology initiatives would reduce airport bottlenecks, says Bata
28.07.12 Ryanair believes UK regulator's investigation overlaps with EU
26.07.12 "Luton Airport parking firm called Stress Free crashed my Mini into a tree"
26.07.12 Virgin research says parents buy ‘essentials’ at airport
25.07.12 Local council could back Gatwick second runway plans
25.07.12 Heathrow passing Olympic travel test so far
24.07.12 Leeds Bradford Airport ‘Kiss and fly’ compromise deal given the green light
24.07.12 Liverpool Airport Parking receives Park Mark
23.07.12 easyJet Head of Operations quits for FastJet role
23.07.12 Manchester Airport named one of world's top destinations for plane spotting
22.07.12 Virgin Atlantic poised to appeal EU decision to allow IAG's purchase of BMI
22.07.12 Greens want Kent airports closed and turned in to leisure centres
21.07.12 BA drops Heathrow slot-backed bond issue on lack of interest
21.07.12 Flights full at Exeter Airport for next 4 days
20.07.12 Gatwick 'may need second runway'
20.07.12 APD policy 'unlikely to be reversed', Pata told
19.07.12 Airports welcome delay in lifting liquids ban
19.07.12 Aer Lingus confirms move to Belfast City Airport
18.07.12 Ryanair confirms intentions towards Aer Lingus
18.07.12 Willie Walsh says merger with US Airlines would be good for American Airlines
17.07.12 Western rail link fuels Heathrow third runway speculation
17.07.12 Britain's bottlenecked skies
16.07.12 Heathrow expects 120,000 passengers today as athletes start arriving for Olympics
16.07.12 Government hopes to boost regional airports, FT reports
15.07.12 Government’s Sustainable Aviation Policy runs into controversy
15.07.12 Free parking plan paves way for Leeds Bradford Airport expansion
14.07.12 Airport pick-up fees: Telegraph reader’s ways to avoid them
14.07.12 CityJet launch iPhone and Android app
13.07.12 Olympics security: London airspace restrictions to start
13.07.12 'We need an effective hub', says Virgin Atlantic boss
12.07.12 Concerns over standard immigration checks at Heathrow Airport (BBC video)
12.07.12 Glasgow and Aberdeen airports see passenger numbers up
11.07.12 Damian Green: Heathrow immigration close to 'acceptable'
11.07.12 Edinburgh Airport reports 3.9% drop in passenger traffic
10.07.12 Leeds Bradford Airport ‘kiss and fly’ parking charge set to stay
10.07.12 Taxi bosses threaten Glasgow Airport with court action
09.07.12 Heathrow motorway closure: M4 reopens between junctions 1 and 2
09.07.12 Heathrow motorway closure: Drivers told to stay away
08.07.12 Severe flooding on Edinburgh Airport approach road
08.07.12 Over 1000 new jobs at Gatwick this summer
07.07.12 Telegraph details UK airport pick up charges
07.07.12 M4 motorway London to Heathrow section closed for 5 days
06.07.12 Border Force 'still failing' on Heathrow queues as Olympics draw near
06.07.12 New Birmingham Airport road link plans on hold
05.07.12 Drivers warned not to stop on Liverpool Airport approach roads
05.07.12 New link road means more TUI flights from Doncaster’s airport
04.07.12 Edinburgh Airport car park fire
04.07.12 Extra congestion around Luton Airport Friday 6th - Monday
03.07.12 Walsh rules out IAG bid for Aer Lingus
03.07.12 S&P revises Birmingham Airport outlook to stable; affirms ratings
02.07.12 MP calls for government to protect future of Belfast International Airport
02.07.12 Heathrow Airport admits queues 'unacceptable'
01.07.12 Thames Estuary airport ‘not the solution’ according to new report
01.07.12 Private jet sector rejects image of opulence


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